Cream Leather 3 Seater Sofa

Butternut soft leather makes the adelaide, 3 seater sofa a marvelous addition to your family room. The sofa is constructed on a sturdy frame that will hold your guests comfortably as well as elegantly. These sofas are not your ordinary extra sofas. They are exceptionally well made to give you years of service.

The Oban leather sofa is a beautiful addition to anyones home decor. It has a basic cream finish with a sheen to it. It is quite soft and plush as well. It is a piece of high quality craftsmanship and should last for many years to come, even with the abuse that a busy family may put it through.

The Oban comes in a coffee colored leather suitable for most decors in home or in office. The large over sized cushions will hold your weight and your guests weight without sagging or losing their shape. There is a simple elegance of style in the design and construction of the sofa that makes it a sofa to admire.

The Cream Leather 3 Seater Sofa is sure to look fantastic in your home and with a price tag of only £395 it represents superb value for money whilst also being attractive, comfortable and built to last. Cream Leather 3 Seater Sofas are the perfect way to add a little charm to your lounge.

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