Brown Leather 3 Seater Couch

This brown toned Oban leather sofa is large enough to seat three people comfortably. It is perfectly sized for those compact apartments that have limited space. The warm, organic dark chocolate tone goes perfectly with any color palette. Classic in design the simple lines will also fit in with the existing decor.

The supple chocolately brown leather beckons invitingly to come, sit and recline. Make it a weekend of movie watching. This piece will become your home. The smooth leather finish adds the quality finishing touch to this lovely couch. The straight back and sides make this piece timeless. It could be from fifty years ago or from the last decade. It could be Scandinavian or American. It fits in well with hot warm colors as well as the cool blues that many people love. It is the perfect addition to your living style.

Add a touch of elegance and contemporary charm to your home with this attractive Brown Leather 3 Seater Couch for only £320 it offers amazing value for money whilst also being elegant enough to be a welcome addition to any home, high quality Brown Leather 3 Seater Couches at an excellent price.

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