3 Seat Black Leather Sofa

The Chelsea is a premium quality leather sofa that is a welcome addition for any home or office. It accommodates three people very comfortably. The black color and simple Scandinavian lines make this piece a desirable addition to the classic decor of basic light colored woods and white walls.

The black leather ties together all the elements in the room. With the simple addition of bold colored cushions that look is accomplished. Very little needs to be done to a room when it has a black leather sofa as part of the furniture arrangement. The leather is soft to the touch and beautiful to the eye

Black is a warm organic color that does well in any setting. The warm organic shade goes well with all interiors so that this piece can be added to any entertainment room with any existing color theme. It is the perfect piece for having friends over to watch your favorite new release while kicking up your feet.

At only £325 this 3 Seat Black Leather Sofa is an excellent bargain. Comfy, chic and practical you wont find a better sofa than this beauty. 3 Seat Black Leather Sofas offer excellent value for money whilst also being beautiful enough to fit right into any living room.

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